Learn more about Federal APH Hemp Coverage

What Can Be Insured?​

Coverage is available for all hemp grown in select counties within select states with an insurable share that is:

  • Grown under valid processor contract executed by ARD
  • Is planted for harvest as hemp in accordance with processor contract
  • Insured’s who are also processors may be able to insure hemp if certain requirements are met (Crop Provisions 7(c))
  • Insured by the Actuarial Documents
  • Licensed & meets regulatory requirements of governing authority
  • Meets minimum acreage requirements contained in the Special Provisions
    • 5 acres for CBD types
    • 20 acres for grain or fiber types
  • Grown by a producer with at least one-year experience producing hemp
  • A variety adaptable to the area & not prohibited by governing authority or processor contract.

Hemp Types & Practices Covered​


  • CBD—Produced from the flowers, leaves, stems, and stalks of hemp plants
  • Fiber—Produced from the stems and stalk of the hemp plant
  • Grain—Produced by the hemp plant
  • Dual-purpose—Hemp that is grown to produce grain and fiber in the same crop year
  • Oil—Produced from hemp grain
  • Special Provisions


  • Irrigated Organic Certified
  • Irrigated Organic Transitional
  • Non-Irrigated Organic Certified
  • Non-Irrigated Organic Transitional


Insurance is provided for the following causes of loss that occur within the insurance period:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Fire
  • Insects/plant disease
  • Wildlife
  • Earthquake
  • Failure of irrigation system
  • Volcanic eruption


Coverage is not provided against damage or loss due to:

  • THC levels in excess of 0.3% on a dry weight basis
  • Harvested production infected by mold, yeast, fungus, or other microbial organisms after harvest
  • Failure to follow requirements in processor contract
  • The inability to market unless due to a covered cause of loss

Example: No indemnity will be paid if the commodity cannot be marketed due to quarantine, boycott, or refusal of any person to accept production.

Essential Coverage Dates​

Insurance is provided for the following causes of loss that occur within the insurance period:

  • Sales Closing—March 15 (Feb 28SCD extended for 2020 CY)
  • Cancelation—February 28/ March 15
  • Production—Reporting April 29
  • Final Planting Date—June 15 – July 20 (specific to region and type)
  • Acreage Reporting—August 15
  • Premium Billing—October 1
  • End of Insurance—October 31
  • Contract Change Date—November 30

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